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Donald Trump’s Consistent Unreliability on COVID, and Everything Else

It is painful to reflect on the tens of thousands of lives that might have been saved if a less reality-challenged President had occupied the White House.

Palm tree with embers on fire during California Glass Fire

All That Could Burn

Life as a Californian during the 2020 fire season.

Campaign Chronicles
Joe Biden touring aluminum factory in Wisconsin

What Wisconsin Democrats Learned from 2016

With its blitz of events, interviews, surrogate appearances, and advertisements, the Biden campaign is determined not to repeat Hillary Clinton’s mistakes.

The New Yorker Interview
Mandy Patinkin smiles while watering his garden.

Mandy Patinkin Is Still Singing

From his converted farmhouse, in upstate New York, the actor talks about his his four-decade career and his social-media stardom in quarantine.


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President Donald Trump standing on a White House balcony with a line of light cutting across his face and casting his shadow on the wall behind him

Donald Trump’s Loopy Self-Pity Tour of Conservative Media Outlets

Whether or not the President’s treatment played some role in his recent bizarre comments, he long ago mastered the art of rants that are rife with falsehoods, incitements, and defamatory statements.

Campaign Chronicles
Donald Trump walks away from his presidential plane with a group.

The President’s Campaign Rallies Are Now Confirmed Public-Health Hazards

As the President prepares to return to the campaign trail after his coronavirus diagnosis, his rallies are now confirmed public-health hazards.

Dept. of Design
Homes on the river.

The Pandemic Sparks a Real-Estate Gold Rush in Upstate New York

The region is experiencing a vogue for rentals and property that hasn’t been seen in a century, and homeowners are cashing in.

A Reporter at Large

Nine Days in Wuhan, the Ground Zero of the Coronavirus Pandemic

There’s no other country where the pandemic’s e?ects have been so concentrated in a single city.

Kitchen Notes
Ratatouille in pan on a wood table

The French Secret to Ratatouille, a Last Taste of Summer

It was only with this dish that I realized how important the cook-things-separately approach is in French cooking.

Cryptic Crossword
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The Cryptic Crossword

Huge bird clipped building (5).

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The Latest

Hell Is Other People’s People

Bro with a wide neck, wearing a beanie.

Offenders include your assistant’s long-distance boyfriend and your hair stylist’s hair stylist.

7:00 A.M.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren on Wielding Political Power

Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in their respective homes.

At the New Yorker Festival, the progressive leaders talk about what will be necessary to defeat Donald Trump at the polls, in the legislature, and in the streets.

October 10, 2020

Ivanka Trump Applies for Job as Biden’s Daughter

Ivanka Trump looks at the camera with a blurry President Donald Trump in the foreground

Trump appeared to have difficulty finding tangible achievements to include on her application, other than “Did not write a tell-all book.”

October 10, 2020

Six Things Millennials Have in Common with Dr. Frasier Crane (No. 5 Will Drive You Into a Deep Depression)

Frasier Crane sitting in a chair with a large grin while a dog stares at him

O.K., so obviously you want to skip to No. 5. Please don’t. It’ll hurt you.

October 10, 2020

“The Forty-Year-Old Version,” Reviewed: A Playwright’s Boldly Self-Aware Comedy of Art and Compromise

Radha Blank in the film 40 Year Old Version on a bus sitting a drink and holding a hand strap

Radha Blank’s début feature film is a full-circle city satire in which the main character’s attitudes and antipathies don’t take place in a void but, rather, snap back at her and make her feel their sting.

October 9, 2020
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Tables for Two
People dining outside.

Spicy Noodles and Gossip at Public Village

The pandemic has quashed much of the theatre of?dining out,?but the new Sichuan restaurant, offering?fresh?noodles, spicy beef jerky,?and a seat-yourself pavilion,?finds ways to be charming.

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The Day Nuclear War Almost Broke Out

In the nearly sixty years since the Cuban missile crisis, the story of near-catastrophe has only grown more complicated. What lessons can we draw from such a close call?

In the Heights
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The Dad Who Taught Lin-Manuel Miranda Retail Politics

The political consultant Luis Miranda is helping Joe Biden reach Latino voters—and reminisces about the old days working for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

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“Suffocation Theory”

“It seems obvious now. Dead strangers solve everything.”

Cartoons from the Issue


The Battle Over Portland

A Portland landscape filled with smoke and red and blue lights.

Far-right extremists ride into the liberal Northwestern bastion to clash with anti-racism protesters. Plus, a conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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